Roc Award Cares



Roc Award Cares sent children with autism to Hochstein, the School of Music in 2019, and here is one of the children who took advantage of it.

"Just Want to say Thank you, for giving my son Chayce the opportunity to attend Hochstein the School of Music. Before the Opportunity he was never moved by music, now he moves to the beat clap his hands and is currently showing interest in the drums and piano. Thank You Rocawards"


This year, we are giving back to

ROC AWARD CARES is a fundraiser group. Throughout the year raise money to give back to a community organization or family in need. We have teamed up with We Before Me Foundation nonprofit to help their vision of helping people in need.

About It....

Fondation Heberande Global Inc.

Fondation Heberande is an orphanage located in the small village of Bolungu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC"). Fondation Hebreande was founded in the DRC by Ursule Lutheya Heberande, a widow, inspired by the life experiences of her daughter, Grace Muwawa, to build a better life for other young children in the DRC. Grace Muwawa (Nara) co-founder of Fondation Heberande Global Inc ("FHGI"), created the US non-profit organization out of her journey as a young child, dealing with physical and mental abuse, as she was trafficked out of the DRC to the US and then abandoned here. Her experiences birthed in her a vow to help as many children as possible not go through the same experience she did.

The primary mission of Fondation Heberande Global Inc is to function as a US arm of to support to Fondation Heberande in the DRC so that it can not only shelter and feed young orphans there in the DRC but also nurture and tend to the emotional needs of the children, providing them a sense of stability, education, spiritual guidance, genuine love and, most importantly, the assurance that there is a purpose to their being, regardless of their circumstances. Fondation Heberande is more than just an orphanage, it is family, home and a place of rest to launch children into a future and a hope.